As official agent of Dutch registrator, we offer the registration of pleasure motor and sailing yachts under flag of Netherlands. Any EU citizen can register his boat under any flag of EU country.

Any non-resident of EU can register his boat via EU resident company.

The complete set of registration documents include the International Certificate of Registration, MMSI number and radio license for 1 year. 

The registration will take about 7-10 days, but also we can offer the urgent registration in 2-3 days, if all required information and documents are available.

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The documents required for yacht registration under flag of Netherlands:

  • information about the yacht (model, year, engine and hull number, radio equipment)

  • information about the owner, person or company (name, post address, contact phone and email, copy of passport, copy of utility bill, certificate of registration of company, register of shareholders)

  • certificate of cancellation of old registration

  • bill of sale or purchase contract

For more information and pricing, please contact by email or via contact form on this page.


We offer the possibility of state registration of your pleasure boat under the flag of Dominica.

The boat can be registered on name of individual person of any citizenship or company regsitered in Dominica.  The registration documents include a certificate of registration, a radio license and MMSI number.
Registration is issued for a period of 1 to 3 years with further prolongation.

The process of registration takes about 7-10 days, the original documents will be  sent by courier post to your address. The required forms will be send upon request.

Also we can offer the other registration to the name of the offshore company under the flag of country of British Commonwealth. Please contact for more information.

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